Just in: D-lock with in-built alarm system

New product is a double headache for thieves

The Tough Stuff - pumps out the decibels if fiddled with

Any product that makes life more difficult for opportunist bike thieves sounds good to us, and this new Tough Stuff lock from SG Locks combines a traditional looking D-lock with a built-in 100 decibel alarm.


Made from a strengthened steel body and powered by six LR44 batteries; this lock is tough challenge for potential thieves. The smart chip which controls the alarm has a tolerance to certain forces, but as soon as someone tries to meddle with the lock, they (and everyone around) will know about it. If the alarm is triggered accidentally, it will turn off in 35 seconds – provided it’s not interfered with.


The £39.99 lock will appear as part of a large grouptest in an upcoming issue of Cycling Plus, where it will be tested to the limit.