Just In: Latest kit from Oxford products

Heavy duty locks, hi-vis vest and some colourful scarfs

Oxford Products have made a good name for themselves in the motorbike world, but they produce a range of cycling kit too, and they’ve sent us some to have a look at.


As well as super-tough locks, they make everything from bike lights and high-visibility vests to tube scarves and windproof clothing.

We’ve got hold of one of their heavy-duty HD chain & padlock sets and a huge Anchorforce floor anchor for an upcoming feature on creating a secure bike shed. They have Sold Secure silver and gold ratings, so they could prove tough nuts to crack.

The Bright Top Active hi-vis vest will certainly get you seen at night, but the cycling-friendly cut, breathable lining and stripey design should combine to make it less sweaty – and less offensive to the eye – than some rivals. Look out for a full review soon.


And winter may be over, but for those chilly spring mornings Oxford do a range of Comfy head and neck wear in a huge number of different designs and colours.

New kit from oxford products: new kit from oxford products
Oli Woodman