Real men love Kelli Salone; she's so frank, so honest and so much fun. But she scares the lads out o

Now here’s a woman who separates the men from the boys

Real men love Kelli Salone; she’s so frank, so honest and so much fun. But she scares the lads out of their Calvin’s. As a lad the great and good Jamie Hibbard hid under his desk when Kelli came around. And then one day he didn’t. It was a turning point in his life, like a psychic ba-mitzvah.


Kelli’s in Front Magazine this month, in her undies, hyping up the Bike Show (25th-27th April, in case we haven’t mentioned it). But she’s taken a rest from bikes recently and gone back to fighting. Not boxing though:

“Combat fighting’s the growing sport. Anything goes fighting, in a ring or in a cage, with no holds barred. I love it! It’s very hardcore! My first public fight is in the second week of June. It gets on late night TV, channel 4 or 5 and, of course, they sell the videos.”

You fight girls?

“Yeah I train with men but I fight girls.”

Same old Kelli then.

How about bikes?

“I sold all my old bikes, they were world circuit machines really, too heavy, too much travel for what I’m doing now. I want something lighter with four inches of travel. Something that does the business for freeride and a bit of downhill. I’d love a Foes or an Ellsworth, can’t decide which yet.”


Kelli will be at the Bike Show. And she’ll be pussifying that new freeride track they’ve got down Oakhampton way in the next couple of days.