Kids can enjoy the Tour in miniature

The Yellow Jacket Beach Tour in Hyde Park

Yellow Jacket Beach Tour

Families with young children who want to sample some of the competitive flavour of the Tour de France are invited to join the Yellow Jacket Beach Tour in Hyde Park.


Yellow Jacket began life as a series of short stop-motion animation TV films for children (see but now youngsters can actually race the Yellow Jacket characters using miniatures riders which they move by flicking them with marbles, Subbuteo-style. Participants are being invited to video their efforts and post them online at You Tube.


And if you can’t make it to London, you can even enjoy the yellow Jacket racing experience online at Otherwise get down to the People’s Village Hyde Park at the following times and join in the fun!
Friday 6 July, 16:00-21:00 – Saturday 7 July, 10:30-20:30 – Sunday 8 July, 10:00-18:00