Kimmage defense fund against UCI case hits $17k

Journalist 'humbled' by support

Paul Kimmage's autobiography Rough Ride is widely viewed as a seminal work in cycling's fight against doping

The defense fund set up by supporters of Paul Kimmage in response to the UCI’s defamation suit against him has risen to $17,000.


Cyclingnews reported on Thursday how the former Sunday Times journalist received a subpoena notifying him that a date (12 December) had been set for the case filed in January by current UCI president Pat McQuaid and his predecessor Hein Verbruggen.

It is understood that the UCI’s action was triggered by Kimmage’s body of work for The Sunday Times newspaper, which includes an extensive interview with Floyd Landis published in January 2011, and in response to criticism of the UCI that Kimmage expressed in an interview with L’Équipe. However, the UCI has not requested damages from L’Équipe or The Sunday Times, but only from Kimmage.

Both are seeking damages of 8,000 Swiss Francs each from Kimmage as well as a demand that he take out advertisements in the international media publicising the court’s final order.

Once the subpoena became public knowledge support for Kimmage sprung up and within a matter of hours a defense fund was set up on nyvelocity and cyclismas.

“I had no say in it and I was really, really uncomfortable with the notion of people putting their hands in their pockets for me because there are a million better causes out there than this,” Kimmage told Cyclingnews.

“Having said that, it’s one thing for people to say they support you, but when they put their hands in their pockets and put money up for you, that takes it to a completely new level and I’ve been blown away and absolutely staggered and humbled by it. So I can’t thank those people enough.”


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