Klunkerz mountain bike film London screening Saturday

Off-road history comes alive

Klunkerz, the poster

Klunkerz, the documentary film telling the story of the origin of the mountain bike, gets its UK premiere at the Bicycle Film Festival on Saturday October 20.


Director Billy Savage entertainingly tells the tale of the early days of the mountain bike through interviews with the Marin County, California riders who kicked things off back in the late 60s and early 70s. There were a surprisingly large number of them and Savage seems to have tracked down just about everyone who was involved. Featured names include Gary Fisher and Tom Ritchey, but there were many more: some stayed in the bike industry but some – including one very important trio – vanished into obscurity for 20 years.

Along the journey from newsboy klunkers to mountain bikes there’s plenty of archival footage to marvel at the hairstyles and riding clothes of bygone days, and plenty of primitive bikes from the ‘They really rode those?’ department. It’s an entertaining hour and a half and even I learned things despite an involvement with mountain biking that goes back almost to the same era.


BikeRadar has a full review of Klunkerz coming soon, but the summary is: two thumbs up and five stars from us, and well worth seeing on the big screen if you can get along tomorrow night.