Kona Hosts the First Ever ‘Make it Shonky’ Contest at Revamped KonaWorld.com

If you're the kind of rider who favors handlebar tassels over aero-bars, bells over bar-ends and low

Show us your Asphalts, the Shonkier the Better

If you’re the kind of rider who favors handlebar tassels over aero-bars, bells over bar-ends and low rides over long travel, Kona has the contest for you. The revamped Owners Area at KonaEurope.com is hosting the first ever ‘Make it Shonky’ contest; a monthly selection of the most out there, interesting and truly bizarre modified Kona Asphalt bikes, with a Kona Strada Merino Wool Jersey going to the owner of the very shonkiest every month for the next five months.


Entrants into the ‘Make it Shonky’ contest first need to be registered Kona Owner’s Area members, and then, starting February 20, post an image of their modified Kona Asphalt bike, along with a list of modifications and customizations, on the owner’s page of KonaWorld.com. Every month for the next five months, the Kona Product Group Big Wigs will judge all entries and award the owner of the bike with the most creative and outlandish modifications.

“Shonky is on the eye of the beholder,” said Kona Community Manager Eddy Marcelet, “But at Kona, we like to think we know shonky best. So, every month, the Kona Product Group Big Wigs will be picking the most shonk-laden Kona Asphalt bike, and giving props to whoever provided it with its extra shonk.”

The ‘Make it Shonky’ contest also signals the improvement of the KonaWorld.com Owner’s Area, which is being expanded to include forums for Kona owners to chat about how awesome Kona bikes are, find answers to frequently asked tech questions, and provide opportunities for Kona owners to post pictures and stories from epic rides.

“In the past, we found Kona owners kept getting kicked out of every place they tried to meet,” said Marcelet. “So, we thought we’d start our own online meeting place, besides DrunkCyclist.com.”

So, head to www.konaeurope.com and get your shonk on.


About the Kona Bicycle Company: Let the shonky begin.