Kurt Searvogel breaks the Year record

American cycles 75,065 miles with days to spare

American Kurt Searvogel, aka ‘Tarzan’, has just surpassed the 76-year-old record of most miles cycled in 365 days, averaging over 200 miles (320km) a day, and has until the 9th of January to build on it.


Set in 1939, the long-standing record belonged to English cyclist Tommy Godwin, who set a distance of 75,065 miles (120,805 km) in 365 days. Godwin then kept pedalling onto get the record for the fastest 100,000 miles (160,000 km’s), at 500 days of riding.

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Woohoo! record accomplished, and with time to grow it :

Monday night was all celebrations, but he’s certainly back on the bike Tuesday

From Arkansas, USA, the 52-year-old software company owner has based himself in the warmer climate of Florida for the final leg of his record attempt. Currently, Searvogel is joined by hoards of other cyclists in support as he pedals laps of the Flatwoods Wilderness Park in New Tampa until the 365th day arrives.

Whereas the long-standing record was done on a 3-speed Schwinn, Searvogel has switched between seven different bikes, keeping it fresh between triathlon race bikes and recumbents. One such bike he used is a Cervelo P2.

Will the highest annual mileage record of Tarzan stand for another 76 years? Unfortunately, it’s not likely with cyclists such as Steve Abraham and Bruce Berkeley currently chasing the same dream.


Searvogel’s massive year-long record is being certified by the Ultra-Marathon Cycling Association.

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