La Ruta offers pre-race discount

17th edition may modify route, decides against extra day

Day 4 of the 2008 La Ruta.

The organizers of La Ruta de los Conquistadores have been considering some changes to improve the race for 2009, which will be the race’s 17th edition running November 11-14.


They have also decided not to add a fifth day and may also modify one or two of the current four stages.

However, Race Director Diego Víquez said he won’t announce the course changes until one or two weeks prior to the event in order to guarantee that not even the local field, which historically benefits from a home court advantage, will know 100 percent of the course in advance. The course changes will be designed to improve logistics such as upgrading hotels for racers and reducing shuttling.

The race follows the original path that the Spanish conquistadores crossed between 1540 and 1560 when they were in Costa Rica.

Organisers have also incentivised participants by offering a 20 percent registration discount for those signing up in May.


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