Lance Armstrong to race for two more years

RadioShack 'the best team in the world' for American

Lance Armstrong is set to race professionally for another two years

Cycling legend Lance Armstrong revealed he plans to ride on for another two years in an interview published in the Gazzetta dello Sport.


Armstrong made a comeback to professional cycling this year following four years in retirement.

However, he made a highly impressive return, finishing 12th in the Tour of Italy before claiming third and a podium spot in July’s Tour de France.

But having left Astana and set up a new team, RadioShack, Armstrong believes he can go on for another two years and achieve greater success.

“I’ll go on for another two years but this time I’ll have the experience of this season behind me and I’ll be better because I’ll also have the best team in the world,” he said.

“Of the nine Astana riders (from the Tour) eight are here now. Of course we’re missing a great champion like Alberto Contador but we’ll still have the same chances of winning.”

The seven-time record Tour champion, who reigned from 1999-2005, also claimed he would no longer travel with a personal drug-tester nor would he continue to publish his test results on his personal website.

“I understood that WADA didn’t like it and considered it an affront, their system is extremely modern and in 2009 I was tested more than 50 times so to do others would be pointless.

“I won’t put my results on the website any more because anyone with a degree in medicine could make a judgement on what they read, cast a shadow of doubt on it and find a journalist to talk to. It’s happened before and I don’t think that’s fair.

“Everyone knows where I am all the time and how many times I’ve been tested and that’s transparence.”

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