Lance: Cycling cleaner than its rep

Lance Armstrong says that cycling gets a bad press that it simply doesn't deserve given its record o

Lance Armstrong says that cycling gets a bad press that it simply doesn’t deserve given its record o



In a wide-ranging interview in June’s American edition of Playboy magazine, Lance Armstrong has hit out at those who he sees as continually knocking the image of cycling. “I like to think the sport is cleaner than its reputation,” says Armstrong. “It’s ironic that cycling has done more than any other endurance sport to test [athletes], and when you test you’re going to catch some guys.”

Armstrong, who says he had never tested positive in an estimated 300 dope controls, states that when a rider is caught someone “is sure to write, ‘Look how dirty the sport is!’ That’s the risk of testing.”

Armstrong admits his own major concern with regard to doping was the possibility of someone slipping a banned substance into his food or drink. “I worry about that every day,” he says. “They could spike your food or the water you drink.”

Of July’s Tour de France, the defending champion says “the three uphill finishes we’ll have are super demanding. The final time trial is really hard. So there’s no excuse for not winning. I can’t roll into Paris and say the course was too easy. I’ll have my opportunities to kick ass.”


But even after six Tour victories, Armstrong admits that two things still scare him. “The first is getting hurt. But that’s not nearly as scary as the second, which is losing. If you’re caught behind a crash in a windy section with 50 guys in a pile in front of you – game over.”