Lance’s wristbands all the rage

Lance Armstrong's cancer foundation has come up with a highly inventive and successful way of promot

Lance Armstrong’s cancer foundation has come up with a highly inventive and successful way of promot

PICTURE BY TIM DE WAELE Yellow, undoubtedly the most cherished colour in the Tour de France, is normally reserved for a few athletes who earn the right to wear the maillot jaune. But this year practically everybody seem to be wearing yellow – wristbands, that is, writes Susanne Horsdal. Lance Armstrong has got one, so too has Jan Ullrich, Richard Virenque displayed one beautifully when he crossed the finish line on Wednesday’s stage, raising his arms in celebration. The reason for the yellow bands, however, is much more serious than just desire to make a fashion statement. The wristbands are a sign of support for the Livestrong Foundation, a branch of the Lance Armstrong Foundation, aimed at helping cancer survivors. “The objective is to collect five million euros for the foundation to which survivors or surviving relatives of cancer victims can apply for help,” explains Brian Holm, the T-Mobile sports director, who recently underwent a major operation to treat intestinal cancer and is now also involved in selling the wristbands. “I heard about it a good month ago and on the first rest day in the Tour I met with Lance Armstrong and had a further talk about it. It’s his idea and he’s very devoted to it,” says Holm, who compares the wristbands to the AIDS bow. “It’s become fashionable and at the same time you show that you support a good cause,” explains Holm, who’s already experienced a huge interest in the wristbands. “I came back from France on Tuesday and yesterday I was stopped four times by people in the street who wanted to buy one. The price is one euro minimum, but most people pay much more,” says the Dane.