Landis puts defence online

Floyd Landis's support team have posted a large part of the Tour de France winner's defence against

Floyd Landis’s support team have posted a large part of the Tour de France winner’s defence against



Underfire Tour de France winner Floyd Landis has posted a 16-page document that outlines his defence against a positive test for testosterone at the Tour on his personal website,

Arnie Baker, a coaching adviser to Landis, laid out the presentation, which argues that criteria for a positive test were not met. “We have identified dozens of problems with Floyd Landis’s allegedly positive doping test,” Baker says on the site. Among the charges made by Landis’s support team are that the Chatenay Malabry laboratory that did the testing knew it was Landis’s sample they were working on, which would be an infraction of rules that require anonymity. It is also claimed the lab disregarded a host of other World Anti-Doping Agency standards and procedures.


Landis’s case will not be decided online, but at a hearing of the American Arbitration Association early next year. If found guilty of doping, the American is likely to be stripped of the Tour title and banned for two years.