Landis responds to Phonak’s disbanding

Floyd Landis has reacted to Tuesday's announcement of the dissolution of his Phonak team by writing

Floyd Landis has reacted to Tuesday’s announcement of the dissolution of his Phonak team by writing



Floyd Landis has responded to Tuesday’s announcement that the Phonak team will be disbanded at the end of the season with the following letter addressed to team boss Andy Rihs, team manager John Lelangue and Phonak’s riders and staff:

Dear Andy, John, my teammates and staff:

When I joined the Phonak Cycling team, it was our ultimate goal to win the Tour de France. On Sunday, July 23rd, 2006, we achieved that goal.

With the dedication and support of the entire team and staff, we overcame impossible odds to make the 2006 Tour de France one of the most exciting races in its history. When the race arrived in Paris on the final day, we had the Yellow Jersey.

Winning the tour with Phonak makes me very proud. Andy, you have assembled an excellent organization, staff and team. You never wavered in your commitment to the team and your athletes despite the struggles you’ve faced in the past. It makes me happy to have won the Tour with and for Phonak. You deserved to be on the podium with me.

While the recent allegations against me hurt us all, I respect the fact that the Phonak team must follow its own rules and charter under these circumstances. I just wish that all the parties involved would do the same. Despite this, I will not relent on my pursuit of the truth. I will not shy away from this fight.

Most of all, I understand that this situation impacts families and friends other than my own. It affects the businesses and sponsors that support cycling as well as the sport itself. It is for this reason that I am determined to show that I followed the rules and won fairly and cleanly. There is a greater integrity at stake here than just my own.

I thank you all for your support and courage as I embark on this journey to restore my name, the team’s name and the image of cycling.



Floyd Landis
2006 Tour de France Champion