Lapierre bikes for Britain

Hotlines lands UK distribution of Lapierre

Hotlines Ltd’s distribution of French bike maker Lapierre’s product range will begin at the end of August. The agreement marks the addition of the UK market to Lapierre’s export portfolio, which has been rapidly growing in the past few years.


Lapierre was founded in 1946 by Gaston Lapierre in Dijon where production and R&D headquarters are still located today. The good news for potential British buyers is that Hotlines will be bringing in the company’s complete line of mountain and road bikes to Blightey.
Lapierre recently made downhill news when Nicolas Vouilloz returned to the sport racing a Lapierre X-16 – a design he helped develop. The French manufacturer is an interesting brand with some very exciting designs but until now we’ve had to admire them from this side of the Channel. Lapierre will be at the Eurobike demo day where we hope to bring you a first ride of some of the offerings in their range. If you can’t wait till Eurobike, you can check out Lapierre’s website for a taste of what’s coming this way.