Leaf blower vs electric flat tracker

DIYers taking it to the next two-wheel level

A 48V, 15 horsepower electric board track racer, formerly a beach cruiser.

The information superhighway is flooded with helpful tips from amateur experts, and now do-it-yourselfers are publishing their bike-conversion tips with video and step-by-step instructions. BikeRadar found an interesting pair of projects on Instructables.com, and was intrigued by two in particular: a 48 volt, 15 horsepower board track racer conversion, and a leaf blower engine-powered BMX bike.


Bike folks, the technical sort, love wrenching on their bikes. The chaps here are no exception, and while the two finished projects seem worlds apart, they’re really not too different. One cruises at nearly 25 miles per hour, with the other doubling that. We’ll leave you to decide on the cool factor:

48V Electric Flat Tracker

Leaf Blower Engine-Powered BMX Bike