Legendary frame builder sets up new company, Nerve

Mark Reilly branches into carbon

Steel and titanium specialist frame builder, Mark Reilly, has left Enigma after seven years to set up his own company, Nerve. The company will offer frames in a range of materials, including a carbon frame, which Reilly claims weighs under 700g.


Reilly has 25 years of experience building frames for teams such as the Linda MaCartney squad on the late 1990s, and former national champions such as Sean Yates.

For Nerve, Reilly has teamed up with Neil Fitzgerald, a composites specialist, and Damon Fisher, a graphics and design specialist.

Reilly said: “I’m back doing what I really love, making frames! We have a business manager to take care of day to day things, leaving us to do the creative side of things.”

The first Nerve carbon frame, the 600SL weighs under 700g, said Reilly.

Nerve is based in East Sussex. 


Check out the gallery for photos of the first bikes out the workshop.