Less honking at Tour Down Under

Beware the race director's car horn

The peloton at the 2007 Tour Down Under

Instead of the traditional car horn, air horns mimicking the sound of wild turkeys will be used for the first time at the Tour Down Under.


“It’s traditional in Europe but no one’s ever used it in Australia,” said race director Mike Turtur, whose car horn will resemble the honk of an irate feathered friend.

“Everything about the race has to be the way it is in Europe for the tradition of cycling. “Wild turkey – that’s all you hear in the races. The kids hear it and go bananas.”

The change from a ‘honk’ to a high-pitched cackle is just one of the many changes to the Tour Down Under, after it became the first UCI race outside Europe to be awarded with ProTour status.


The Tour Down Under will be held in South Australia from January 20-27, 2008.