Lew introduces US$15K tandem wheelset

Lighten your wallet, lighten your tandem

Lew Racing wheels are light and spendy, just like a trophy wife.

Uber lightweight and expensive carbon wheel maker Lew Racing now offers tandem wheels for those willing to part with US$15,000 for a pair from the Nevada wheel masters.


The tandem wheelset features 24 spokes on the rear wheel and 16 on the front. According to founder Paul Lew, the spokes are seamlessly integrated from root-to-tip with hand-crafted Lew rims.

“Tandem riding presents a curious problem for wheel building,” Lew said. “You need to make sure the wheels are strong enough to handle two riders, but also lightweight so that the riders’ power is not wasted. And above all the wheels have to give a great ride. I believe we have achieved the strength/weight/performance balance with our new Lew Racing tandem wheels.”

The Lew Racing tandem wheels combine boron and carbon to produce the PRO VT-1 laminate that is used to make the rims.

The carbon spokes used in the tandem wheelset weigh only three grams each but are five times stiffer than their steel competitors with three times the compression strength and double the tensile strength, according to Lew.

“Plus, the spokes maintain their shape at the very critical rim/spoke interface (unlike steel spokes which loose their blade shape) and boast unrivaled cross-wind handling,” he added. “The result is a super low-aerodynamic drag system that behaves like a bladed steel spoked wheel at a fraction of the weight.”


For more information, go to www.lewracing.com.