Liguigas cold shouldered by German race organisers

No invite to Frankfurt Grand Prix

We won't be seeing Liquigas in Frankfurt

The Italian cycling team Liguigas has been kicked out of the Frankfurt Grand Prix semi-classic for failing to add its signature to a protocol on doping.


“Our anti-doping programme calls for team bosses to sign a statement of honour, but Liguigas have made it known to us that it won’t be signing this declaration,” explained race organiser Bernd Moos-Achenbach on Monday. “And so we’ve therefore taken the consequences.

“Some teams haven’t yet taken on board the fact that cycling is in a serious situation,” he added.

This decision comes in the week after Liguigas signed up Ivan Basso after the completion of the Italian cyclist’s two year ban for drugs. His arrival at the team flouted the professional teams’ code of conduct and it led to Liguigas being kicked out of the AIGCP, the team’s international association.

For its part the Frankfurt Grand Prix has its own troubles as its main sponsor, a German brewery, is ending its ties with the race after next month’s renewal.


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