Liquigas’s Da Ros detained in doping probe

Italian rider to be questioned

Liquigas jersey

Italian Liquigas racer Gianni Da Ros has been arrested in the northern city of Padua amid an investigation into the trafficking of banned doping products, the Ansa news agency has reported.


Da Ros, 23, was arrested during a team run out at the Padua velodrome and Ansa said he would be questioned Thursday by a Milan judge.

Ansa added that the investigation at the behest of the Milan state prosecutor had seen 12 people arrested in total as well as 64 searches of properties across the country.

Aside from Da Ros, amateur racers, physios, gym staff and traders are caught up in the latest doping dragnet launched a year ago following a television report entitled “Muscles and Doping“, which purported to show how athletes could obtain doping substances from traders.

Liquigas said that it, along with the Italian Cycling Federation, had suspended the rider.

“Liquigas, like the Italian Cycling Federation, are completely in the dark about this business,” the federation said in a statement.


“The team’s technical staff have provided all the help necessary to help the work of the police.”