Litespeed offering cashback deal in US and Canada

Rebate offer is response to credit crunch

Litespeed is offering a cashback deal

Titanium specialist Litespeed is offering up to $350 cashback in America and Canada to customers who buy one of its frames or bikes. The company claims the initiative is an industry first and comes in response to the “tightening economy”.


Peter Hurley, CEO of Litespeed’s parent company, American Bicycle Group, said: “While our consumers’ strongest relationships are most often with their local bike shop, their personal satisfaction is our constant focus, and we want to do what we can to provide those cyclists relief from a tight economy and say thank you for their purchase.”

The cashback offer is available to anyone who buys a 2008 or 2009 Litespeed frame, frameset or complete bike with its T1, T2 or T3 levels of technology before February. Buyers of top-end T1 models will get a $350 rebate cheque, while a T2 bike or frame will net you $300 and a T3 design $250.

Mr Hurley said: “We are dedicated to our craft and to the consumers who buy our product, and we want our rebates to go beyond the traditional bike discount or  free T-shirt. For the first time in the bike industry, we will give buyers cash in hand that they can use for the holidays or for other important budget items.”


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