London cyclists to go behind the bike sheds

Members only luxury lock-up launched

This could soon be a thing of the past

State of the art bike lock-ups are on the cards for London.


A chain of members-only cycle stations is being launched in the city, complete with showers, secure parking, and maintenance areas.

Transport chiefs in the capital are backing the concept, and have provided a £200,000 grant for the first station.

It’s expected to open in High Holborn in March, and will be run by Camden Council and the Holborn Business Partnership, in conjuction with Transport for London, which provided the £200k starter cash.

Cycle theft is on the rise in the capital, thanks to an 83 per cent increase in cycling since 2000. One in four cyclists whose bikes are stolen don’t bother buying another so the authorities hope the stations could prove the answer in encouraging more people to ride.

Camden’s transport planning manager Laurie Baker told the Evening Standard: “The aim is to make life a little easier for commuters who already cycle in to work and to attract more cyclists.

“One of the main deterrents stopping more people riding is the lack of facilities so we hope this will help, especially for workers whose employers do not provide them.”

The High Holborn station, if successful, is expected to be the first of many cycle stations in London.

It wil be underground, under an office block, with a receptionist during opening hours. There will be 90 secure stands and lockers for cycling gear – fees have yet to be decided.

The London project follows the success of the Bike Shed in Bristol.


Part of the well known Mud Dock bike shop and café, it offers cyclists secure parking, lockers and showers – including soap and a fresh towel. Fees start at £2 to lock a bike for the day, rising to £450 a year for parking, locker and shower use.