London-Paris organiser launches sports events company

HotChillee to stage race at BikeRadar Live in May

Sven Thiele's new company will be staging Devil Takes the Hindmost at BikeRadar Live.

Sven Thiele, organiser of the London-Paris Cycle Tour, has launched HotChillee – a new global sports events company with an emphasis on cycling.


Thiele hopes to develop a series of high-octane events starring international sporting heroes. “Our events will push the boundaries and take people to the edge,” he said. “We want people to experience the ultimate challenge and to know what it’s like to test the limit of their personal endurance.”

HotChillee will run this year’s London-Paris and has teamed up with BikeRadar for May’s BikeRadar Live at Donington Park in Leicestershire, where the company will stage Devil Takes the Hindmost, a demanding elimination race.

Thiele said: “Cycling is a fast-growing sport and people are keen to participate in professionally-run events. The British success in Beijing has inspired the nation to take up pedal power once again and cyclists would relish the chance to take part in high energy, world class events.”

Thiele’s reputation has grown over the past five years of the London-Paris, which has won respect in the international cycling community for its professionalism.  London-Paris 09 is billed as the closest an amateur rider can get to experiencing what it’s like to ride in the Tour de France.


“HotChillee will build on the success of London-Paris and take the concept to the next level,” said Thiele. “London-Paris has created a network of cyclists with a great sense of camaraderie. Amateur cyclists have been able to ride with their heroes – experienced pros who’ve reached the top of their sport – and HotChillee would like to replicate that with other sports.”