Luck puts power meters in shoe soles

In-sole meters sold for one or both shoes, for road or mountain

Two years ago Spanish shoe maker Luck announced its prototype power meter that is built into cycling shoe soles. At Eurobike this year, Luck has a finished product that the company is selling for €200 per shoe.


The Luck Potentiometer (power meter) can be bolted onto any high-end Luck shoe — road or mountain — according to Luck director Juan José Pascual. There are about 16 models for between €200 and €300 that can use the meter. US and UK pricing was not available.

While the prototype was Bluetooth only, the new version is Bluetooth and ANT+, so it can work with the company’s app or any standard cycling computer like a Garmin Edge.

The Luck app works on Bluetooth, but you can use a Garmin or other computer with the Luck power meter
Courtesy Luck

If you use one meter on one shoe, it operates like a Stages or 4iiii one-sided crank-based meter — it just doubled the wattage number for a single power figure. If you buy two, then you get left/right power as well.

The power-meter sole can be used on any high-end Luck shoe, on one or both shoes
Ben Delaney / Immediate Media

Luck also offers a range of custom options, inside and out of the shoe. You can buy custom-fit shoes based on your measurements, and custom-printed designs are available, too.


Some of the Luck shoes have leather uppers, and the high-end mountain shoes feature natural rubber lugs.

Provide Luck with graphics and they can produce shoes like this
Ben Delaney / Immediate Media