MacAskill’s latest video filmed entirely on GoPro

Cascadia features sun, sea and skills in the Canary Islands

In Cascadia, Danny MacAskill takes his skills to sunny Gran Canaria

MacAskill’s back with a dose of sun, sand, sea and skills in Cascadia. The latest video from the Scottish trials riding legend sees him take to the colourful rooftops of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands.


The location is stunning, with picture-postcard buildings and vertiginous drops providing the ideal setting for a familiarly acrobatic display of cycling skills. In fact, it’s got us thinking about how nice a little sun might be, away from the gloom of the northern hemisphere winter, even if we can’t quite ride like MacAskill.

With cheerful music and picturesque setting, it’s quite a contrast to the hair metal antics of his recent Drop and Roll Tour video.

Another notable feature of this video is the fact it was filmed entirely using GoPro cameras. From the drone shots and incredible point-of-view footage to the close-ups and pans, it illustrates rather perfectly just want can be done with these popular gadgets if you take the time and have the skill to work the shots out. Take note, budding filmmakers!


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