MAD Hop Idol 2004

"How do I get sponsored?" is one of the most commonly-heard phrases whenever mountain bikers get tog

Win a year’s pro contract

“How do I get sponsored?” is one of the most commonly-heard phrases whenever mountain bikers get together… Just after “Can I have some stickers?” and “Would you like to go large with that?” Look no further for the answer than this page. If you’re pretty handy on a trials bike that is, and fancy being a pro rider for a year.


It’s time for us to start searching for two new MAD Hop Idols in the 2004 MAD Hop Idol competition. We want your tapes and CDs now, and we’ll be holding the auditions in November and December where you’ll ride on natural obstacles and a variety of rigs. Like last year, we’ll have a Grand Final at the Bike Show 2004.

If you’ve entered before, then you can still enter this year as well…

What you give
You want fame? Well fame costs etc etc. This prize is something you’d give your right crankarm for. In case you forget, the ‘pro’ in pro rider stands for ‘professional’. That means you sign up with a professional team and you are expected to commit to being the best rider you can be, the best teammate you can be on the biggest UK team. and the best advert to promote trials and trials riding, especially at shows to maw, paw and the 2.4s.

You’ll need to give up a lot of weekends for work and travel. And no doubt MBUK will make you do things when it suits them as well. So if you want to arse about with your mates, don’t bother writing. If you want to help grow and promote the sport, entertain a lot of people and have a great year, we’re waiting.

What you get
Saracen/MAD 2004 Team Replica bike, built with Maguras and Aireal hubs; plus all the team kit including Solomon shoes, nice Polaris clothing, full Cyclo tool kits, Met helmets, Troy Lee gear, and enough spares for your bike to keep you going… You get payment for demos and some comps, and a subscription to MBUK.

What you do now
Write us a letter telling us who you are and why you may be worthy. But you need to do a bit more than that. You also need to write a CV and make a film of your baaad self in action. We’ll take DVDs, CD-ROMs or even VHS video of your very best moves. Take your time with this as this could be your best chance of being part of a pro Trials team.

Send all of this to: MAD HQ, 1 Manse Parade, London Road, Swanley, BR8 8DA; or e-mail to


Please don’t forget to include your contact details, daytime phone number, address and date of birth.