Make the most of tailwinds with a Whike

Dutch firm launches recumbent tricycle equipped with a sail

The Whike in all its glory

The Whike, a tricycle recumbent bike with a 1.6m2 sail, has just been launched at the 100% Design Fair in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


Its creators claim that the Whike is an ideal replacement for cars and public transport, and that ‘Whiking’ has the potential to become the next big extreme sport, with claimed possible speeds of up to 60kmh.

Olympic sailor Mischa Heemskerk, who tested the Whike said: “Overtaking a petrol-driven Scooter at 50 km/h is an absolute kick!”

Whikes are available to hire only in the Netherlands at the moment, but can be bought directly from the website for €3499, including sail.


For more information email visit the Whike website.