Man jailed for driving attack on cyclist

Nine months for dangerous driving


An Edinburgh driver has been jailed for nine months for deliberately knocking a cyclist off his bike.


According to the Edinburgh Evening News, Tahir Chaudry drove his van at cycle courier Greig Walker and then drove away, leaving Mr Walker with concussion and wounds that required five stitches.

Before the incident on November 3, 2006, Mr Walker had shouted at Mr Chaudry at traffic lights after Mr Chaudry undertook him at a junction. Further up the road, Mr Chaudry did an emergency stop and reversed toward Mr Walker. Mr Walker mounted a verge to get away but after he rejoined the roadway he could hear the van accelerating behind him.

Witnesses said they saw Mr Chaudry swerve the van toward Mr Walker, hitting his bike and throwing him to the ground.

The Edinburgh High Court found Mr Chaudry guilty of dangerous driving, which carries a maximum sentence of two years imprisonment.

Passing sentence, the judge, Lord McEwan, said that he had taken Chaudry’s background and good references into account, but added, “I think in the public interest to suppress road rage I have to pronounce a custodial sentence. I have to take a very serious view of this matter which is a very bad example of road rage.”

Lord McEwan also banned Chaudhry from driving for five years and ordered him to resit a driving test.


Cycle courier community commentator Buffalo Bill recently wrote about the case. “I would say that this was a punishment that was proportionate with the crime, and its consequences,” he said. “It’s also good to see that the police (according to this report) considered laying a charge of attempted murder. … The courts can get it right, if the charges and evidence are properly framed.”