Martin Söderström wins Vienna Air King 2009

360 tailwhip nets Paul Bas the best trick award

Swede Martin Söderström kicked off the ’09 slopestyle contest season in style with a win at the Vienna Air King.


The 19-year-old beat the best dirt jumpers from Europe, the US and Australia in front of a huge crowd to scoop 2,500 euros and a camera from event sponsors Panasonic.

Things looked bleak after the NS Bikes rider blew his first two runs, but on his third and final run he pulled a clean 360 on the stepdown, a double tailwhip at the first jump, a 360 on the second and a bar spin on the third set, as well as a 540 at the quarter pipe.

Paul Basagoitia from Minden, USA, won the Panasonic Best Trick Competition with a 360 tailwhip on the stepdown at the starting tower. He also came third overall, after German Amir Kabbani.

Kabbani pulled a no-foot can at the stepdown, a no-handed backflip, a 360 barspin to X-up, a tailwhip at the last double and a barspin at the quarter.

Basagoitia went for 360 at the stepdown, a backflip at the first set and a 360 one-foot to X-up at the second set, and finished with two tailwhips – one at the last double and one at the quarter.

The Brits were in great shape, with Sam Pilgrim and Lance McDermott finishing fourth and fifth respectively with tricks like flairs in the quarter (both), a backflip no-hand (Pilgrim), a backflip at the stepdown and a frontflip in the first set (McDermott). McDermott also impressed with a huge flair look-down at the quarter-pipe during the best trick competition.

Paul basagoitia mid-360: paul basagoitia mid-360
David Ulrich

Paul Bas won the Panasonic Best Trick Competition with a 360 tailwhip on the stepdown


  1. Martin Söderström (Swe|NS Bikes)
  2. Amir Kabbani (Ger|Cannondale)
  3. Paul Basagoitia (USA|Kona)
  4. Sam Pilgrim (GBr|Diamondback)
  5. Lance McDermott (GBr|Scott)
  6. Thomas Zejda (Cze|Horsefeathers)
  7. Sam Reynolds (GBr|DMR)
  8. Bartosz Obukowicz (Pol|NS Bikes)
  9. Andi Wittmann (Ger|Giant)
  10. Linus Sjöholm (Swe|Scott)
  11. Ferenc Horváth (Hun|Orbea)
  12. Daniel Madzia (Aut)
  13. Ramon Hunziker (Sui|Specialized)
  14. Philipp Frühwirth (Aut)
  15. Pascal Breitenstein (Sui|Kona)
Martin soderstroem pulls a double whip: martin soderstroem pulls a double whip
David Ulrich

This double tailwhip helped Martin Söderström to victory in the Vienna Air King contest