MBUK announce four special awards categories for Kona Mash-Up

Downhill and singletrack fun in South Wales

Doddy riding White's Level

The Kona Mash-Up powered by Mountain Biking UK is a new format event taking place at the Glyncorrwg Mountain Bike Centre in South Wales on August 30. It aims to be a race for every type of rider – from cross country lightweights to downhill demons.


Using the White’s Level and July Trail (part of the Skyline trail), there will be pre-determined points at which riders will pedal through chip activated timed sections. Riders will go through these sections as fast as possible, with their accumulated time determining their final position in the event.

Fastest time for individual sections will be up for grabs too, so a cross country rider who enters the Enduro category (see below) might be hot on the heels of the local downhill specialist on some of the singletrack sections.

The categories:

  • Enduro – you have to ride the White’s Level loop (excluding the black run) plus the July trail (total riding distance approx. 40km) and your time will be taken on all the timed sections. You will be timed on a climb and the several singletrack and downhill sections.
  • Technical – you have to ride the Whites Level loop (including the black run) but your time will only be taken on the singletrack sections and the downhill sections. You are still riding (or pushing) up the climb but the time that takes you is completely irrelevant for your overall time. 

As main sponsor of the Kona Mash-Up, Mountain Biking UK magazine will be presenting four special awards at the event. These are in addition to the main timed sections and have been set up to celebrate those riders who give it their all and really enter into the spirit of the Mash-Up.

The guys from the magazine will be patrolling the trails in search of candidates they think are worthy of the following awards:

The Mini Masher

This one’s for all those younger riders who demonstrate their raw enthusiasm and ride totally off the hook! If you’re there, you’re young and you’re mashing it up, you just might win…

The Master Masher

There should be a fair few of the more ‘mature’ riders raring to show the young guys how to do it. If you use your age wisely to kick ass, then this prize may be for you.

The Thrash Hound award

There’s always someone that pins it – up, down, along, whatever. So we’re putting up an award for the guy or girl who flies along like no one else. We’re looking for aggro style – letting it all hang out – but with speed. You know if this one applies to you.

MBUK’s Grand Mashter

Enduro events are largely about comradeship. Everyone’s there for a laugh and a good ride. So we’ll be making a special award for the person that we think really carries the spirit of the Mash-Up.

You’ll also get chance to try and beat some of the guys from the mag as they take on the mighty White’s Level and July Trail. Staff writer Doddy and tech writer Ian Collins are well up for ripping round the sections as fast as possible and they’ll be available to chat all day too, as well as the rest of the team.

MBUK’s Highway to Hell!

As part of their involvement in the Mash-Up, MBUK have also named a section for all those technical riders out there. Called the

MBUK Highway

to Hell this featured section takes on some of the toughest terrain on the White’s Level trail. Riders will have to be fully focused to lay down a fast time on this one. Are you up for the challenge?


It’s all shaping up to be an unmissable event. For full details check out www.konaworld.uk.com/mash-up/  and Mountain Biking UK Issue 228 on sale 30 July 2008.