MBUK DVD – the lowdown

You may have heard rumours that there's a free DVD with next month's issue of the mag - well, it tur

We catch up with the Director – Fraser from 24seven bikes

You may have heard rumours that there’s a free DVD with next month’s issue of the mag – well, it turns out they’re entirely true. The vid’s been produced by Fraser from 24seven using footage from all over the place – the DMR roadtrip last summer, all the MBUK events and loads of other stuff from the likes of Danny Holroyd and Aaron Chase. We caught up with Fraser to get the lowdown…


MBUK: So there’s a DVD free with the April issue of the mag – what’s it called and who’s in it?

Fraser: It’s called Access All Areas and that gets you close to most of the action! In the movie you see the whole DMR crew and 24seven riders from the road trip we did last summer plus an amazing section of street with Danny Holroyd. There’s some serious backflip action with Mike Smith from DMR and Chopper from 24seven and there’s also all the live footage of John Cowan’s loop the loop ON FIRE and the lake jump comp.

MBUK: Most people know you as the bloke behind 24seven bikes, how did you come to be producing MBUK’s DVD?

Fraser: I’ve made a sick and twisted slasher movie call hacked off (www.hacked-off.com) which cost a load of money and gave me access to all the stuff needed to make film! . The guys from MBUK liked it (ED’s note – “liked” is pushing it a bit, although Mad Mike reckoned it’s the best film he’s ever seen) and thought I could sway towards a bike film; which was fun.

MBUK: Where did the footage come from?

Fraser: We had six hours from the road trip, a lot of which was to risky to use! Plus loads of good stuff from Danny plus Doddy and Fins footage from MBUK.

MBUK: Which riders sections really impressed you – and don’t just say Chopper becasue he rides your bikes?

Fraser: My favourite section is the Danny Holroyd stuff which I didn’t shoot, although I did do the track for it which is cool. When I saw it I thought without recognising the rider, I HAVE to sponsor this guy he is amazing! Actually the Chopper and Smithy interview is cool as we spent the day trying to do backflip trains which turned out to be interesting!

MBUK: What’s the music like on the DVD?

Fraser: Not just great but really varied, considering we didn’t have to pay! Vanilla Pod are the sh!t and they let us use all their stuff from the latest album, Surrounded by idiots. Some might remember them from the bike show 2001 on the 24seven stand. Plus at the last minute we got hooked up with a band form Liverpool REAL, who are just so cool. We would have used so much more of their stuff if we’d had it earlier….they are going to be huge.

MBUK: MBUK has a history of producing ground breaking videos (ha!) – does this one live up to the precedent set by Dirt and Get a Grip?

Fraser: This dvd is hipper and cooler than anything MBUK have done before. I was surprised how laid back MBUK were with the content and as such its totally up there with the dvds you’d pay dollar for. You’ll love it. I’ve enjoyed all the Sprung stuff in the past and that really set the bar. I wouldn’t put mine or 24seven’s name to any old rubbish!

MBUK: Anything else to add, feel free…

Fraser: Well we did shoot a load of stuff that couldn’t be included due to too much f$%£ing swearing but we’ll be showing the directors cut on the 24seven stand at the bike show.


Wanna see a preview of the DVD? Click here or go the videos section of the site.