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MBUK 396

There’s something for everyone in this month’s MBUK. Learn how to pick lines and read the trail for a smoother, faster ride. Read reviews of 12 dropper seatposts, four ‘downcountry’ bikes and six hydration hip packs. The team hang out with all-time legend Steve Peat and find out what he’s been up to since retiring from racing. Jumping at the chance to get out and about again, they ride Wales’s best blue trail, explore Dartmoor, get wild at Black Mountains Cycle Centre and meet the Swinley Forest locals. Plus, you guessed it, much more!


How to read the trail like a pro

MBUK 396 How-to
Learn to how plan and ride the best lines on every trail. Photo: Steve Behr

Picking the right lines can really level up your riding. For this comprehensive how-to guide, MBUK have teamed up with pro coach Olly Morris to shed some light and what many riders get wrong (and right) about line choice on the trails. Learn how to pick a killer line through the features you’ll come across and properly control your braking and acceleration to ride faster and more efficiently.

Downcountry bikes

MBUK 396 bike test
We dive deep into the new trend of downcountry bikes. Photo: Steve Behr

In this month’s biketest the team test four downcountry bikes – also known as ‘rad XC’. This new breed of MTB is aimed at those who want to put in the miles and smash an all-day epic, but is also equipped with the right arsenal of kit to chew up more technical trail features – and even the odd jump or two.

Dropper seatposts on test

MBUK 396 group test
A bunch of the best droppers get the tested treatment this issue. Photo: Andy Lloyd

Over the decade or so that they’ve been around, dropper posts have completely transformed the way we ride bikes. So much so, in fact, that it’s hard to remember what it was like without them. Being able to adjust your saddle height as you ride has opened up a world of possibilities for us MTBers, but whether you’re adding the first dropper to your bike or upgrading an existing one, which is the most deserving of your cash? 12 posts are put through the mill to find out.

Peaty’s pies

King in the North: Peaty observes his MTB empire. Photo: Duncan Philpott

Steve Peat is a name every mountain biker should know. This legend of downhill racing once tore it up between the tapes, but what’s he been up to since retiring from the pro scene and settling down in his hometown of Sheffield? A lot, as it turns out. The MBUK team spends a day with Peaty on his home turf and discover that he’s a man with his fingers in many pies.

Blues cruise

MBUK 396 Blues Cruise
Luke and Julia head to Wales to ride the best of the blues. Photo: Andy Lloyd

In the second part of our series to find and ride the UK’s best blue-graded trails, MBUK pedal over the border into Wales. The rugged terrain of this beautiful country has drawn many a mountain biker along its ridges and into its wooded valleys, but which is the best blue Wales has got to offer?

And that’s not all…

Leatt MTB 4.0 Enduro helmet
Leatt’s new MTB 4.0 Enduro helmet. Photo: Andy Lloyd

This issue of MBUK is jam-packed with all the latest and greatest bikes, product reviews and news stories from the mountain biking world. There are new bikes from Specialized, Santa Cruz and Juliana, along with pages of product reviews that include Leatt’s MTB 4.0 Enduro helmet.

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