Meet top cycle campaigners in Cambridge

"Creating a cycling culture in the UK"

The CTC’s and Cycle Campaign Network’s spring conference will give cyclists the chance to meet some top experts in the field of cycle campaigning for better facilities.


It will be held in the cycling city of Cambridge on 10 May, and is themed, ‘Creating a Cycling Culture here in the UK’.

Those helping the discussion along will include The Guardian’s Matt Seaton, the Chair of Cycling England Philip Darnton, Chief Executive of the London Cycling Campaign Koy Thomson – along with many other high-profile UK cycle campaigners and Cambridge’s MP.  

Cambridge claims the highest rate of cycling in the UK at over 25% of journeys to work made by bike and the conference will explore what has created this success.

Cambridge Cycle Campaign will launch their 2020 vision for the city and will give all delegates a copy of the 36 page colour brochure, which will be of practical use to people outside Cambridge.

The conference includes practical workshop sessions on marketing, online mapping, using the media and recruiting new members. There will also be social rides and events from Friday 9 May through to Sunday 11 May.


Tickets are £16. For the latest details and to book online see