Mini bling from endurance racer/writer Mike Cotty

Pimped ride for racer's nephew

With a bike like this, you’re sure to be the envy of the playground. It’s a Kiddimoto wooden balance bike which has been customised by endurance racer and cycling writer Mike Cotty for his 14-month-old nephew.


Emblazoned with stickers from Mike’s sponsors, including Cannondale and For Goodness Shakes!, it’s certain to draw admiring glances.

Mike said: “You never forget your first pair of wheels. My first memory was of a second-hand [Raleigh] Tomahawk. I think that’s a baby version of a Grifter and a baby, baby version of a Chopper. Three-speed, complete with broken centre gear handle that was very painful if you got the landing over the paint pots wrong. Nevertheless, it was ridden, abused, but most of all loved.


“It’s now time to pass on that special ‘first ride’ excitement to my 14-month-old nephew Alexander. Okay, it may be a couple of months before he takes his first leap of faith over the paint pots but I’m sure when he does the smile and scars (he’s witnessed his dad crash out a few times this season at cyclo-cross and at that age they like to copy everything) will be there forever more.”