Mixed feelings for Menchov

With Roberto Heras's B sample found to have been positive, Rabobank's Denis Menchov is set to be han

With Roberto Heras’s B sample found to have been positive, Rabobank’s Denis Menchov is set to be han



Roberto Heras says he will mount an appeal against the positive verdict for EPO and what, as things stand, is set to be his subsequent sacking from his Liberty Seguros team, a two-year ban, as well as being stripped of his 2005 Tour of Spain title.

But once the International Cycling Union has confirmed the result of Heras’s B sample – which was made public on Friday November 25 – either on Monday or Tuesday, it is Rabobank’s Denis Menchov who will be crowned king of the Vuelta. But for the Russian, winning under such circumstances will be far from satisfactory.

“Getting the title in this way makes me bitter,” the 27 year old said. “What would have been good would have been to savour the triumph in Madrid with the rest of the team. This isn’t how I wanted to win, but if someone made mistakes.”

For his part, Heras is preparing to mount an appeal with his lawyer, Jos Maria Buxeda, to present to the Court for Arbitration in Sport. “Because some doubts still exist, we want to know how the samples were transported to the laboratory,” Buxeda told L’Equipe.


“To my knowledge, the samples were only delivered to the lab on the Monday, because the day before was a Sunday. What happened to the urine between the time trial on the Saturday and the Monday morning?”