Mobi release new portable pressure washer

No cables for absolute portability

Mobi have released a new version of their portable pressure washer, called the V-17.


Improving on their previous V-15 model, this new incarnation isn’t restricted to being powered by a car’s 12v output or from a 240v mains socket – the V-17 has its own rechargeable battery, allowing for absolute portability.

One charge will apparently power the washer for around seven tanks or one hour of continuous cleaning. The new model also has a larger (17 litre) water tank which can be detached from the main unit to be refilled.

With an RRP of £149.99, the new washer – which can spray water at up to 130 psi – will be on sale in August, and we’ll have a review of it soon.

Mobi have added another product to their range too, which is likely to appeal to outdoorsy types – the £29.99 Mobi Power-Pack. It’s an LED torch with an in-built 12v power supply (like the one you’ll find in your car).

Charge all your gadgets with the power pack:

It’ll allow you to charge all your gadgets when you don’t have a power point to hand – great for camping, touring etc.