Moots’ two-wheeled trail maintenance machine

NAHBS 2013 Preview: The ultimate bike for trail building

Moots previewed at a small pre-NAHBS event at Vecchio’s Bicicletteria in Boulder, Colorado its interpretation of the ultimate bike for trail building – and after seeing it in person, we’re certainly not about to argue.


Moots’ awesome titanium creation is first and foremost a go-anywhere, do-anything rig with enormous 50mm-wide Surly Rabbit Hole 29er rims wrapped with 3in-wide Surly Knard tires to roll over any sort of terrain – whether or not there’s already a trail.

The as-yet-unnamed bike’s payload will certainly help forge one if necessary. The rear rack handily secures a full-sized chainsaw (complete with custom titanium blade cover, no less), the matching front rack anchors a wicked three-piece custom titanium McLeod, while a custom front triangle bag stores other essentials such as a folding saw, pruners, and rain gear. There’s even space in between the longtail’s rear wheel and seat tube for a 0.6L bottle of fuel.

All in – chainsaw included – the nearly 100 percent titanium machine weighs in at a surprisingly svelte 19kg (42lb).

Moots even crafted a custom titanium cover for the chainsaw blade: moots even crafted a custom titanium cover for the chainsaw blade
James Huang/Future Publishing

Moots even went to the trouble of making a custom titanium blade cover for this chainsaw

Moots didn’t build the swoopy rig just for show, however. The Steamboat Springs, Colorado company partnered with both IMBA and its local trail advocacy group, the Routt County Riders, to demonstrate that mountain bike trails can actually be built without the assistance of traditional motorized vehicles.

Moots currently has no plans to put the bike into production and no one there dared to imagine what a retail price would be, given the time invested – but then again, that’s what the company once said about snow bikes, too. Moots is, however, selling limited edition T-shirts with Mr. Moots himself gleefully riding along, chainsaw in hand along with the simple yet powerful phrase, “Build It. Ride It.”


Proceeds from the $25 shirt will benefit IMBA and the Routt County Riders, and you’ll be able to pick one up at this year’s North American Handmade Bicycle Show, held at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado February 22-24.