More bike rentals for France

Cheap bike hire schemes on up and up

Barcelona's Bicing scheme is just one of the European rental projects

Yet another European bike rental scheme has been announced.


The success of Paris’ Velib scheme, which provides 20,000 bikes for hire in the French capital, has inspired another copycat, in the French region of Franche Comte.

Some 200 self-service bikes are now available from 30 bike stations in the regional city of Besancon. Visitors can pick up bikes at any station and return them at another station of their choice. The first half-an hour on a Vélocité bike is free, 1 hour and 15 minutes is at 1 euro per bike and 3 hours and 29 minutes is at 3 euros per bike.

Cyclists in the area can also explore the pan-European EuroVélo 6 Nantes-Budapest cycling route, although the rental bikes cannot be taken out of Besancon.

Spanning over 187 kilometres, the route in Franche-Comté follows the course of the Doubs River taking in the cities of Dole, Besançon, Montbéliard and Belfort. 

With easy stretches to the West and more challenging rides to the East, the route caters for all levels.  For more information, and a location map of the bike stations, visit

The Velib scheme in Paris has triggered interest in bike rental schemes all over the world. London has been the latest to announced, with plans for 6,000 rental bikes.

Beijing is putting in place an incredible 50,000 bikes for this year’s Olympic Games and schemes in Barcelona and Sydney have also been hailed major successes.


To find out more about the Besancon scheme, visit local tourism website