Motorbikes excluded from London’s bus lanes

Report points to potential danger to cyclists

Excluding motorbikes from bus lanes could make it less dangerous for cyclists

London’s cyclists are likely to welcome the news that in future they will not have to share more bus lanes with motorbike riders. 


Currently most such lanes are reserved for the use of buses, taxis and cyclists with only a few open to powered two wheelers but a recent study by Transport for London looked into the possibility of opening up more of the capital’s bus lanes to motorbikes.

However, their report published today – based on what is claimed to be the definitive analysis of a trial scheme – has concluded that there is no clear evidence of significant safety benefits to motorcyclists while pointing towards potentially increased risks for cyclists and pedestrians.   

Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone said: “I am not opposed to the principle of allowing motorcycles in bus lanes if there is a clear safety benefit for all road users. 

“The final published report shows only a very small safety benefit for motorcyclists against a larger disbenefit for other vulnerable road users.  On this basis I do not propose to further allow motorcyclists to use bus lanes.”

TfL Managing Director of Surface Transport, David Brown said: “We undertook this trial to see if we could improve road safety for all road users, including pedestrians and cyclists. The results to date do not support a change in policy in this area.”


What do you think? Perhaps TfL should go further and consider banning taxis from bus lanes, especially if London’s Paris-style bike hire scheme gets up and running. Log in and leave your comment below.