Mountain bike masters world championships

It's not all downhill from the age of 30

The world masters are in Praloup, France this year

Hit that magical age of 30? Think it’s all downhill? Why not give yourself the goal of aiming for the mountain bike masters world championships this year. The championships take place again in Praloup, France on August 26-31st, and include downhill and cross country events.


The downhill will be shorterned this year to average around three minutes instead of four minutes in 2007, while retaining the fluidity, technical demand and speed of last year’s course. On the other hand the cross country loop will be longer, with each lap approaching 9km instead of 6km and a widened/lengthened start loop compared to last year’s.

Despite having entrants from 27 nations in 2007, the organisers are keen to increase participation from Eastern Europe. They are especially inviting competitors from Croatia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Hungary and Russia to take part. Currently, there are 164 riders registered for the championships.


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