Mountain Biking UK retro vision

Doddy unearths the past...

Jez Avery sporting the height of 1990s mountain biking fashion

When our sister publication Mountain Biking UK first started back in 1988, the scene was a little different to now.


MBUK features editor Andrew Dodd has been, as he puts it, “rooting through a pile of my back issues” and has found a few prehistoric mountain biking gems.

Highlights include:

* Nicky Craig gracing the cover in the days before he was known as Nick Craig.

* Trials stars Martyn Ashton and Martin Hawyes before they had acquired cool.

* Brant Richards getting vertical on the front cover.

* Grip shift, which we don’t miss at all.

* And some truly outrageous fashion (by today’s standards anyway)


For more, click on over to Doddy’s Back to the Old Skool blog.