Mountain cross racing goes indoors

Arena Mountain X race at InterBike

There will be an indoor mountain cross competition held at InterBike in Las Vegas in September

A new mountain cross race will bring four cross racing to an indoor arena in conjunction with InterBike 2008. The “Arena Mountain X” race will see 20 racers in a head-to-head competition within the South Point Equestrian & Event Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, on September 24.


The invitation only event will feature racers including Eric Carter, Brian Lopes, US national champion Rich Houseman, Chris Kovarik, Cody Warren, Jared Rando, Kirt Voreis and Nathan Rennie.

“It’s an excellent opportunity to bring the exciting world of 4X racing to the masses,” said Don Jackson, co-organiser. “By bringing the mountain to the people, we can give the public a chance to watch this breathtaking sport without the need to drive hours away from the city.”


The race will be held in a “speedway format” on a man-made course surrounded by a stadium full of seats for easy viewing.