New addition to the Evans/MBUK Snow X race

If you hadn't heard, we're joining forces with Evans Cycles to hold the UK's first indoor Snow X rac


If you hadn’t heard, we’re joining forces with Evans Cycles to hold the UK’s first indoor Snow X race at Castleford’s Xscape centre on Friday 21 January (click here for the full details). Well now, in adition to the racing, we’re also hosting another first – the worlds first Jump Jam on snow!


A special 6 foot jump ramp is being constructed along side the Snow X course. Riders will be pumped up into the air gaining some incredible height to perform their aerial manoeuvres. The riders will be wowing the crowd with some amazing tricks including tail whips, bar spins, 360’s, X-ups and suicide-no-handers!

As well as these tricks we’ve heard rumours that the riders will be attempting the worlds first 360 backflip on a mountain bike indoors on snow! (this is when the bike and rider perform a full rotation in the air and land back on their wheels)

Eight of the UK’s premier jump riders will be taking to the ski slope at the Xscape centre, amongst them are top riders Ollie Fielder (recently signed to Mongoose) Grant Fielder (aka Chopper) and Jim Davage.


The Snow-X Jump Jam takes place in between the Snow-X heats ensuring the crowd are constantly entertained.