New downhill endurance race at Fort William

Six hour gravity-assisted marathon

Downhill action at Fort William

A new downhill mountain bike endurance race has been announced, taking place on Sunday September 7. The Fort William Downhill Endurance race will see entrants riding the famous world championship track as many times as possible in six hours.


The 2.82km course is littered with big jumps and bumps, berms, drop-offs, rock gardens and technical natural sections that will push the physical and mental limits of the riders not to mention the mechanical robustness of their bikes.

Riders will only be allowed one bike and a list of itemised spares for the entire event, and at the bottom of each run participants will be able to enter the tech area to carry out running repairs and take on food and drink. Time penalties will be imposed for riders who have to change wheels, forks, bars, frames and other major components. 

The race will commence with a Le Mans style mass start, and each descent will be timed with the cumulative descent times counting in cases of equal descents.


Dave Hutchens, a well known face on the Scottish Downhill scene, who will assist the team in the organising and running of the event said: ‘This unrivalled event will combine both the skills and the endurance of the riders and the reliability of their bikes. The Downhill course at FortWilliam is well known for being one of the toughest courses. This event will add another dimension for extreme sports enthusiasts.’