New Endorfin Bikes

Endorfin Bikes are a relatively new company specialising in hand building bespoke bikes from the


Custom German builds

Endorfin Bikes are a relatively new company specialising in hand building bespoke bikes from their base in the small German town of Hauenstein. The small team behind Endorfin include the original designer from fellow German brand Bergwerk and a former welder from Votec who are best known for manufacturing Porsche bikes.


Every bike in the Endorfin range is hand welded, powder-coated and expertly assembled in Germany. Each bike or frame is made to order which means the customer can choose exactly what they want from the frame colour to the exact specification to small but important details like stem length. It takes approximately four weeks from the date of order for bikes to be delivered to the UK.

All Endorfin bikes and frames are available in four standard colours: black, grey, blue and yellow. However, for an extra £50.00 you have the choice of over 200 RAL Classic colours which include pretty much every colour you can imagine. There is also a choice of a matt or gloss finish, a choice of frame decals in two different styles (solid or outline) and a choice of five different decal colours: black, white, silver, yellow or red. All of these finish options add up to over 2000 different combinations which make every Endorfin bike or frame truly unique.

Being German, Endorfin have very close ties with Rohloff and offer three different bikes using the Rohloff Speedhub. Each Rohloff bike includes specific cable routing and Rohloff dropouts for guaranteed, hassle-free performance. Endorfin have also team up with Rohloff and Tune to manufacture the unique ‘tune-d for Endorfin’ Speedhub. The shell of the Speedhub is produced, anodised and laser-etched by Tune before being sent to Rohloff for assembly. These special Speedhubs are available in several anodised colours including green, blue, black, silver, red and gold and can only be bought with an Endorfin frame or as part of a complete Endorfin bike.

As well as numerous mountain bikes Endorfin also produce a range of road bikes using aluminium, carbon and steel as different frame materials. There are four road bikes in the range and like the mountain bikes they have the same colour and specification options.

Speed III Ltd Edition

Probably the most unique bike in the road range is the Speed III TdF limited edition. Endorfin will only make 101 of these frames to celebrate the 101st Tour de France in 2004 which is also the year Endorfin was started. Each frame is printed with newspaper clippings from famous publications like L’Equipe and La Gazzetta and is one of the most unique road bike frames available.

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For 2007 Endorfin also introduced the Carbon, which needs no explanation and the Steel, a modern road bike with integrated headset and semi-sloping geometry but made from Columbus Spirit steel with a carbon seat tube. The Steel in the attached photo is a bare steel with clear lacquer finish for true retro appeal.

The Steel Bike

The complete range of Endorfin bikes can be viewed at Endorfin UK. The website also includes details on RAL colours, Rohloff Speedhubs, demo bikes, news and the Endorfin ordering process.