New heat moldable shoe from Bont

Highest strength to weight ratio shoe on the market


Australian skate manufacturer Bont have used their expertise in producing Olympic-winning skate shoes to create a new cycling shoe, the Bont a-one. It’s a handmade one piece construction shoe, which uses a combination of uni directional and cross weave Torayca carbon. A pair hits the scales at a mere 250 grams including buckle.


Other closing options will be:
a) 2 Velcro straps and a top lace cover with buckle
b) 3 Velcro straps (super light weight version at 225 grams)
c) Laces and one top Velcro strap for the track (225 grams)

Tested by many Olympic and National team riders from Great Britain, Australia and Korea, the shoe is heat molded in an oven to fit the wearer perfectly.

Other features of the shoe include 40 air vents on each shoe [size 7] which go directly from the shoe to the outside air, plus silver reflective stripes down the length of each shoe to aid visibility at night.

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For more information, visit the Bont website.