New Hope Components for 2008

New bottom bracket, seatpost, lights and a kids bike

We’re still trawling through the massive array of Eurobike product shots and we’ll keep flowing them out even with the imminent wave of Interbike products due to hit next week. Here’s a look at some of the latest products from Hope.


The British component manufacturer is continually machining out new components and one of the latest is the new external bottom bracket due to roll out around the end of December. Perfect timing for the winter grime.

The new bottom bracket features high quality, custom made IENA stainless steel, labyrinth-sealed cartridge bearings. A ceramic version will follow at a later date. Expect the price of the stainless steel unit to be around the £65 (US$130) mark. We asked about a crank to go with the new bottom bracket and were told “not yet”. Draw your own conclusions from that response.

Also on display was the soon-to-be kids bike. Hope is hoping to have a fully rideable version ready for the Cycle 2008 show at London’s Earl’s Court.
More of a showpiece rather than a product for general release the 24 inch wheeled kids bike was born from the desire of the guys at Hope to build a bike for their own children, simple because they could.
What you see here is a model from Hope’s new 3D printer. The seat tube structure took 16 hours to “print”.
A true labour of CNC’ed* love, the finished bike is likely to retail around the £1700 mark. At that price it’s not cost effective for Hope to roll out a great number, but if you are interested in a custom one off get in contact with Hope.

Another old/new development that has been on the back boiler for some time is the new seatpost. The delay has been in finding a suitable mate for the machined head. The arrival of a new milling machine and a load of tubing at the factory this week means the finished seatpost should roll out within a couple of months. An alloy version will come first and cost around the £70 mark with a more expensive carbon tubed model following at a later date.


(That’s Computer Numerical Control for those of a Luddite persuasion)