New lights from Sigma

Three new lights spanning the full spectrum from sporting use through to 'be seen' commuter LEDs, all with an accent on lightness and versatility.

Sigma launched three new lights at Eurobike spanning the full spectrum from sporting use through to ‘be seen’ commuter LEDs, all with an accent on lightness and versatility.


Li-ion battery pack + Powerled Black LED

Two of the new lights, the Karma and the latest version of the Powerled can be used with the new Li-ion lithium ion battery pack. Aside from being light (claimed weight is 140g) the other big advantage of the lithium ion battery is that it has a low self-discharge making it more efficient than nickel metal hydride or lead acid systems. The battery attaches to the bike using Sigma’s twist-lock bracket.

The Powerled/ Li-ion combo is intended for all-round outdoor use. The Powerled Black light has an aluminium casing for durability and can also run on four AA batteries. The bracket rotates allowing you to direct the beam and the light can double as a torch. It emits up to 90 Lux, has three light levels and a wider beam pattern. Stated run time is 11+ hours and in the UK this setup will sell for £159.95.

For off road use, particularly at enduro events the Li-ion can be paired with the new Karma light. At a claimed 70g, it can be attached to either bike or helmet. The Karma gives up to 40 Lux of light with a 40m beam and a 20 deg angle and they can also be run in pairs. Claimed run time on a single light is 11 hours and the price for a single light and battery pack will be £149.95 in the UK (US prices to be confirmed).

All round LED with 11 hours run time

The Kalmit is an all rounder that could be used on or off road (although the lack of a side lens means that if run on their own they would not be strictly street legal in some countries such as the UK). The robust looking machined aluminium body, looks not unlike USE’s Joystick 11. Then again, there aren’t too many ways to arrange batteries behind a light in an aluminium tube. In this case it’s four AAAs with a stated run time of 12 hours, with two light settings pumping out a maximum 15Lux. Sigma say you should expect a beam depth of 30m and at 15deg the beam itself is more of a concentrated spot.
Expect to pay £49.95 for one of these in the UK.


Last but not least, the Illux is a small commuting LED that again uses the twist lock mount which Sigma also employ for their computers. You could in theory save some handlebar real estate by using one mount for your computing and lighting needs, as long as you don’t want to do both at the same time… now there’s a product idea.