New trail opens at Brechfa Forest

Black graded trail ready to ride in beautiful west Wales

Hitting a berm in Brechfa

The new, black-graded Raven mountain biking trail is now open at BrechfaForest in the Welsh county of Carmarthenshire.


The new trail cost £80,000 and is part of the £500,000 granted to the Brechfa Bike Project by European Objective 1, a European Union financing programme aimed at increasing economic prosperity in certain areas of Europe.

The trail’s name refers to a historical link to the ravens in the Tower of London, which are believed to have originally been taken from the BrechfaForest many centuries ago when the area was a royal hunting park.

The new route combines woodland singletrack, big descents, berms, jumps, step-ups, doubles, bombholes, switchbacks, rock gardens and plenty more.

You’re going to need everything in your biking skills inventory to conquer the Raven.


Get the trail map here. For more information on Brechfa go to the MBWales website.